Claveo Technology

Claveo Patents

The technology developed during the Claveo Project Phase 1 is protected by 3 U.S. Patents which were developed between 2012 and 2014. These patents are listed below.

  • G. M. Hammouri, B. Sunar, Ç. K. Koç, and K. Akdemir. Computing-system identifier using software extraction of manufacturing variability. US Patent Nr. 8,694,687. April 8, 2014.   pdf
  • G. Hammouri, B. Sunar, and Ç. K. Koç. Mobile phone aided operations system and method. US Patent Nr. 8,842,827. September 23, 2014.   pdf
  • M. Hubert, C. Walker, C. Minden, G. Hammouri, and Ç. K. Koç. Systems and methods for authorizing transactions via a digital device. US Patent Application Nr. 13/674,291, November 12, 2012.   pdf

The new patents and patent applications developed during the Claveo Project Phase 2 will be available here soon.